Meet the instructor

Barbara Ulmer, M.Eng, M.Fre, M.Ger

*Triple 🇩🇪🇨🇵🇬🇧 Language Master -
English, French, German
*International Speaker
Cultural Liason
*International Podcast Host
*Pedagogic Expert
Communications & Messaging Coach

Barbara Ulmer is rooted in several cultures with her Father being Nigerian and her mother being German.  That promoted her to discover different cultures, languages and peoples and identify the common thread of communications among them.

These cultures have made her who she is and she has lived as an Expat for many years having enriched her life tremendously as does any meaningful interaction with people. 

Barbara is a unique force for good and communications.  

She chose to study German, French and ESL and picked English and French as her A levels. Completing Master Degrees in all three (3) languages and cementing her mastery of communication skills.

She wrote her final thesis and went deeper into the cultural part of language acquisition and wrote under her English and French Professor in both languages about Intercultural Education.

As the Founder of BU Language and Learning Center, Barbara Ulmer has been working for 20+ years to help Global Learners to excel in culture and grammar based language training with a focus on communication that is geared to all different learner types who easily reach their multitude of goals through intrinsic learning. 

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