Meet the instructor

Baylan Megino

Spiritual Mindset Coach and
 Executive Mentor
Creator of the Dream Maker MatrixTM
Founder of Global Dream Makers
Podcast host: The Leader’s Edge
Host: Global Dream Maker Summits
Speaker and Multidimensional Healer

Baylan Megino is a spiritual mentor for leaders finding New Direction that is centered in their heart and soul.

She’s been called the Why Whisperer, a Dream Architect, a Patchwork Shaman, an Organizing Visionary. Like a lighthouse in the fog, she is a spirit-based guide as you intentionally design and create your inspired life worth living.

As the founder of Global Dream Makers, she believes when you align with your purpose and create your dreams that you will be able to help others do the same, and as a result our families and communities will thrive, and ultimately
there will be peace in the world.

Baylan helps people define their compass to navigate the changes life brings by organizing all areas of their life into a simple blueprint, the Dream Maker MatrixTM. With their dream life so well-defined and aligned, all decisions become as
simple as breathing.

She hosts the Global Dream Maker Summits, and The Leader’s Edge podcast to focus attention on the many aspects of conscious leadership and living. She consults with individuals and organizations to get their message to the world.
Baylan’s life experiences range from the corporate international investment world, to scaling a remodeling company from a guy and his truck to more than $1million in revenues. Leaving the corporate world of finance, she weathered the
ups and downs of entrepreneurship during great economic upheaval, and served in community organization leadership.

She has served as the President of her local Chamber of Commerce as well as co-founded a cultural organization with global impact, the Center for Babaylan Studies. Baylan co-chaired the Filipino community committee responsible for the
first 2 years of San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum’s annual celebration for Filipino American History Month - the largest celebration in the United States at the time.

Along the way, she was in the Top 10% of Most Viewed LinkedIn Profiles, and recently was recognized as a Phenomenal Woman by the World Women Conference & Awards and B-Global.
Her humanitarian work includes active roles in One World Institute and in the San Francisco Cosmopolitan Lions Club.

In her personal life, breaking cultural restrictions and expectations, she has walked through the challenges of Divorce twice, choosing to end the cycles of discrimination and abuse passed down through generations.

She chose to find her own answer to the question, “What’s Your Dream?” and now helps others define and live into their dreams. Baylan bases her mentoring on all her experiences and observations on life.

Baylan is writing two books, “Start Here: How to Refocus and Redirect Your Life When You Don’t Know Where to Begin” and “The Queen’s Guidebook: Keys to Your Peaceful Queendom” to guide leaders to create their unique piece of the
Global Dream.

Baylan has been on her spiritual healing path for more than 25 years, learning alternative healing modalities, and 
exploring Native American, Hawaiian and Filipino traditional healing ways. As a bridge between worlds, she receives
guidance and channels messages from the spiritual realm.

Baylan is ready to speak about how to create your inspired, purposeful life, self-empowerment beyond cultural limitations, aligned leadership, navigating change, and stepping into your calling.
Baylan lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, is active in the San Francisco Cosmopolitan Lions Club, and Women Leading Change Now. She loves travel, photography/videography, dance, cultural arts and crafts, and exploring foods from
around the world.

Her favorite quote is by Howard Thurman: “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go 
do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

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