World Acrobatic Society - Gallery of Legends 
Hall of Fame Inductee 2016
Fmr. Director Performance Design &
Development - Cirque du Soleil 
Master of Acrobatic Sport USSR
Fmr. Master Course Conductor/Author NCCP
Advisory Board Member - The Essential Academy

Boris Verkhovsky was born, raised and received his initial education, including his University Degree as a Master of Acrobatic Sport in the former Soviet Union. It is also there that he became the Head Coach at the Sport School of Olympic Reserve in Vitebsk, Belarus. In 1977-78 he and his family immigrated to Canada and settled in Calgary, Alberta.

He lived through what seemed to be a typical immigration process and starting by washing dishes and making sandwiches, delivering pizza and selling very expensive vacuum cleaners.

But the calling for Acrobatic Sport and coaching brought him to a local gymnastics club and in a short time he was coaching members of the Canadian National Teams in Gymnastics, Trampolining and Power Tumbling.

While teaching at the local community college and the University of Calgary Boris Verkhovsky also started working very closely with the Canadian Gymnastics Federation and began developing and publishing manuals and progressed to teaching courses within the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCCP) as a Master Coarse Conductor.

He has taught, literally hundreds of courses with thousands of participants. Some of his speaking events have been witnessed by Fortune 100 companies and some by more than 100,000 people. As a speaker, he is electrifying. He was Head Coach of the Canadian National Teams in Gymnastics and Trampolining, simultaneously.

In 1993, his life changed when he was invited to Montreal to run a MasterMind Class for a very new and young company at that time - Cirque du Soleil.

That one week grew in to a 27 years career!

At first, he was a Head Coach for the company and in the past 15 years, he acted as a Director and an Expert-Director, with his department being directly responsible for the conception, design and development of all the acrobatic performances for the new creations.

That work was recognized by the industry and the international community, with the World Acrobatic Society inducting him into it's Gallery of Legends Hall of Fame in 2016.

His principle calling in life: to be with people, help people, to love people...

For more information about Boris or his work, please contact us directly at The Essential Academy. 
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