Meet the Instructor

Bruce Baker, MSIO

Industrial Psychologist
Behavioral Business Strategist
Fortune 50 Consultant /
Change Agent 

Bruce Baker holds a Masters in Industrial Psychology (MSIO) and is a Behavioural Business Strategist, Coach, and Change Agent.

He brings to you a wide-ranging skill set in business operational design, planning, and execution, with significant success in leveraging the only growing capital asset a business has-- its people.

With almost 23 years of experience working with Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 companies in a wide variety of industries, Bruce focusses on working closely with anyone from new entrepreneurs, to business owners, to CEOs, helping them all with the geometric growth of their businesses.

Your time with Bruce will give you new and fresh insights as he rejects traditional methods of business coaching and consulting while providing you with a very new and enlightening perspective on how to view and build your business.

Bruce will work with you to see what your business is made of and then recognize and address its strengths and vulnerabilities, allowing it to grow with minimal or no risk at all.
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