Meet the instructor

Carolyn Raymond, CHt

As a Subtle Energy Guide and creator of the AMBR program, Carolyn  works with coaches and therapists who are overstressed and overwhelmed and want to quickly feel revitalized and reconnected.
She created the Accelerated Mind Body Relaxation Program, or AMBR for short, as a fusion of Mental, Physical and Emotional tools and techniques so that coaches and therapists can help their clients (and themselves) easily enter states of FLOW, and experience Change at an Accelerated rate.

After having thrived for decades at various high-level corporate and administrative functions, Carolyn Raymond, CHt transitioned herself to being a Subtle Energy Guide. This was not a quick or easy journey.

In between those decades, she focused on learning and receiving certain certifications, distinctions and incredible client-work experience in Tarot, Intuition Development, Numerology, Massotherapy, Yoga, and Energy Work to name a few modalities that she plays in.

In addition to her personal and professional work above, acting as a Co-Director at The Essential Academy. Org, she's helped to create a one-of-a-kind private educational community for coaches, therapists and experts from around the world, looking to shine their light even brighter and touch millions.  It's a not-for-profit, and invitation-only so she's very particular about who is allowed to become an Instructor at the Academy. 

Her background in Big Business, Competitive Sports as an Elite Athlete in her youth, and compassion as a Subtle Energy Guide shine through in all she does as those that know her, all confirm how infectious and powerful her smile is!

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