Achieve your Organizational goals!

Ultimate Distance Training for Your Employees

Take advantage of the latest tools to enable your Employees to Grow, while you empower your Facilitators to capture every lesson's progress, score and completion. 

Speak with us about creating a Personalized Learning Path
for your Employees.  Mix and Match themes/topics, collaborate with the Instructors of your choice, get custom-made, one-off e-learning, exclusive to your organization.

CEU (Continuing Education Units) earned here will help round out more technical and soft skills in your Employees, and compliment any other in-house or online learning efforts underway or planned.
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       COntinuing Education Units (CEU)

Develop your Employee's Professional and
Soft Skills

Our Courses offer a Certificate of Completion and our Programs combine Courses together in a concentrated area of study to offer a Certification that will help unlock your Employee's inner potential so they can excel at their work!

Our Programs and Courses offer a Unique Continued Learning Experience

                                         So much more personalized than SCORM, HTML5, Tin Can, xAPI, cmi5 or other online learning standards!

Outstanding features for highly customizable Courses, Programs, Units, Lessons, Quizzes, Assignments and more!

Custom-made based on what learning experience you want your Employees to leave with.

Easily budget online courses for your Staff

Enjoy flexibility and variety of payment options for managing transactions online -  for one-time and ongoing.

Highly Engaging courses

Outstanding Video, Activities, Lessons, and Quizzes. Certification of Completion.

Live Zoom calls and Video Assignments make the learning fully Interactive

24/7 Support including Live Chat

Use the Live Chat to receive swift and helpful  assistance.  Learners have access to the best support!


Support offline education with measurable online instruction.

See when and for how long Learners Log-on, where they go and what % to completion they are - in real time.

Core Features

Video, Text, Audio, and Positive Reinforcement Learning.

Think SCORM, HTML5 and then some! 
No need for a simple PowerPoint course - we have so many more features and metrics for you!

Video Conferencing

Enhance the learning experience by allowing  learners to access high-quality pre-recorded and live sessions.

Incredibly Interactive!

Some of Our Individual Study Courses

*Please note, Individual Study Courses are here to serve as examples,
and may be modified to create CEU (Continuing Education Units). 

Also, all Instructors are available for private, customized Course creation and
potential collaborations with other Instructors to truly design and deliver a one-off,
private Corporate learning experience.


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