Transmute Your Pain Into Your Power

Why just process trauma? Transmute it and unleash your vast potential to make the difference you really want to-- and get paid well for it!

Guilt, fear, and shame are dimming your light! Bring it out to be transmuted into highly potent light energy that will radically shift your life path and your tribe's. Let's work together to transmute your pain into your POWER.
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With the ability to transmute your pain into your power, you'll...

Live fearlessly, able to love and be loved without reservation or complication.

Level up your personal and professional relationships, and attract the clients and the love you deserve.

Know lasting happiness
and peace.
Live life fully present
and in resonance.
Simplify your life
with only what resonates.

Typical healing modalities fall short of helping you actually channel your pain into something productive. You end up stuffing it back down after you've spent all this time, energy, and money to process it.

Working with me, pinpoint your trauma, process it gently in a safe environment, and channel it productively through your gifts. Live fearlessly in flow, improve your relationships, attract what you desire, and anchor your happiness and peace.

I create a safe, non-judgmental space and help you do so, and I give you simple tools to dig deep and to not only manage but powerfully transmute what comes up. 

I work with women and men. I help you deepen your number one relationship, which is with yourself.

I give you the confidence to be vulnerable and know that the world will lovingly receive the authentic you, scars and all.
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Five 60-Minute Private, 1-1 Zoom Meetings 
With Recordings and Journal Work to Implement

Text Me Anytime During The Five Weeks

Customized, Live, Guided Meditation, Recording Included

Certificate of Personal
Power Transformation


From a few magical souls I've worked with...

"Robin is amazing, and one of the most inspiring, energetic, and smartest people I know. Her course helped me totally regain my physical energy, and her coaching helped my mindset so much, it carried over into my work, family, and art. I highly recommend working with Robin if you have the chance."

YOLANDA WHITE,  Sr. Clinical Project Manager and Hand Lettering Artist
"You've been such a big help to me. I seem to vibrate differently when listening to you. You're very uplifting and exciting... yet calming at the same time. Just what I need to lift my spirits!"

DAVE TIMMONS, Dad To An Exceptional Special Needs Kid
"Coach Robin is not only full of amazing knowledge and resources, but communicates with so much kindness and encouragement that you will feel equipped and inspired to reach your career goals and beyond! She's so likable and truly a wealth of knowledge - I couldn't recommend her more!"

KELSEY EIDE, Professional Songwriter and Performer, Social Media Influencer
Meet the instructor

Robin O'Donovan

Transmute Your Pain Into Your Power.
A prolific piano singer-songwriter and storyteller with a Music Therapy degree and 20 years in the indie music industry, Robin offers more than your traditional courses and life purpose coaching.

She uses her arts to personally help you come home to Who you really are and live your purpose. She holds sacred space for you, guiding you to transmute your struggles and pain into light that uplifts yourself, your loved ones, and humanity.

Having been through many challenges as a singer-songwriter and single mom– divorced twice, facing eviction, theft, and major heartbreak, Robin finally figured out that the real divorce, eviction, theft and heartbreak was her, denying herself her own soul’s desires. She stepped fully into her purpose and her abundance, by transmuting all of that adversity into her light as your guide, helping you gain deep clarity on what your relationship is with the world and how to optimize it.

Start your journey with Robin for five weeks to Transmute Your Pain Into Your Power, and begin to awaken to the highest expression of Who you are, so you can serve your community from there.

Or begin with Robin's
5-Week Authenticity Amplifier designed to get you feeling more anchored into Who you are, which naturally attracts wealth, love, whatever you desire!

Bundle Transmute Your Pain Into Your Power and The 5-Week Authenticity Amplifier, level up faster, and save!

Click here for the Bundle Deal!

Further explore your purpose and Who you are, through Robin's self-guided, live-group-coached courses, coming in Fall, 2022: Conscious Decluttering and Your T.R.U.E. Life Purpose Plan.
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Patrick Jones - Course author
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