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*Access to Additional Optional Marketing and Tech Support

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*2 Monthly Office Hours Live Tech / Marketing Support 

*Unlimited Landing Pages to Promote Your Courses

*Unlimited Courses that you can Create and Sell

*Assistance to Bring Your Existing Courses Over 
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*No Others FEES from You - 20% of Course Sales Commissions are used to Pay for ALL Your AFFILIATE, MARKETING and PROCESSING FEES!

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Stages & Audiences Path

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*77 Weekly Free Networking Events, Worldwide

*4 Weekly Co-Hosted Profit Sharing 
'Own Your Own Energy' Workshops

*Weekly LIVE Interviews with New Instructors

*Monthly Hosted Private 'Share Your Magic' Summit

*Monthly Team Meeting to Meet 'n' Greet Others

*Multiple Monthly Public Summits & Events 
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*Multiple Monthly Public Summits & Events 
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*Interviews on Faces Of Resilience

*Interviews on Share Your Stories Online

*Podcast Guest Multiple Opportunities

*SpeakerTunity® Exclusive Membership Discounts

 *Credibility Nation Exclusive Membership 

*Access to Other Instructors to Stand on Your Stages

*Create Your Own Event, Summit, FUNraiser, and more!

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Instructor Choices

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                                                                                                                            A few words from our Founder and Director, Natan Verkhovsky, M.Ht.

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Meet the founder, director, Head instructor

Founder, Director, Best Selling Author
 and Head Instructor at The Essential Academy

Natan Verkhovsky, M.Ht.

Born in the former USSR and immigrating to Calgary, Alberta Canada, with his family as a small child he started a more than 30 year journey into the Martial Arts.

From 15 to 16 years of age, he started and rose to be ranked #1 in his division, in Alberta, in the sport of Power Tumbling. He continued to use his Mental Training skills and pursued his education in Medical Hypnotherapy under the tutelage of Dr. Michael Preston, Director of the Institute of Medical Hypnotherapy, in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Becoming certified in his early 20's, Natan started working as a Mental Training Specialist and developed his core program, Personal Momentum, while doing Mental Training with Team 2000 Men's Gymnastics Teammates and artists and elite athletes from Cirque du Soleil.

Since then, he's adapted 23 Mental, Physical and Emotional Drills and Exercises to help Peak Performers in all disciplines and walks of life. Working with the most successful and challenging individuals and groups, and giving concrete, actionable items is what separates Natan Verkhovsky from others.

He offers two things needed for your change to be truly transformational: Accountability and Transformational Tools.

You can learn more about him or experience his work through his course offered here at the Essential Academy, or through his Social Media links below.
Natan Verkhovsky, M.Ht.