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Evaluating Clients

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Become Operationally Strategic 

You will learn what holds many business owners, sales professionals and entrepreneurs back from their full potential.  We will breakthrough boundaries and create space for success during this event.  You will learn why we throw stones on a usually smooth path. 
Meet the instructor

Krista Crotty

Business Crew Chief - Operational Specialist

Krista loves helping accelerate success in business and careers by exposing blind spots. Since an early age, she has loved helping others. In the past several years, that love of helping people expanded into helping entrepreneurs, sales professionals and business owners accelerate success. Krista enjoys working with all types of businesses - and excels with hand-on businesses such as trades and services. Some of her clients include HVAC companies, salon owners and stylists, as well as independent contractors looking to create a business. She is excited to share her perspective and knowledge with all and is passionate about helping you increase profits!
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Patrick Jones - Course author