Creating A Wonderful Life

Creating a healthier emotional life for you and your children is easier when you have the right tools, tips, and techniques.

Your parent or teacher told you that you were not good enough.

The criticism we received at a young age often becomes our truth about who we are. These criticisms follow us into our adult years and negatively affect our lives. But it doesn't have to be this way!  

Beyond the criticism we received as children, we were handed perspectives of how the world works from our parents, teachers, ministers, rabbis, priests, and other authority figures, many of whom we can't even remember.  The perspectives and filters placed upon us reveal what was going on in the world of those adults, but their world was vastly different than ours, even at the time we were kids. 

This course will teach you how to let go of old paradigms; how to shift into a perspective that serves you. You will learn to release emotional triggers, and manage your feelings, from a space of balance and ease. You will learn how to increase play curiosity and joy in your life. 

When did you last engage in play? Not just the obligatory Mom and Dad play where you pretend you can’t see your toddler’s feet from behind the living room drapes. We’re talking about real, imaginative, and purposeful play.

Once you’re an adult, the benefits of practical play seem to disappear amongst the stress, responsibility, and reality of life.

It may seem silly now, as a grown adult who has been conditioned to take life seriously and not leave any time for play, but taking time to engage in play is the purest expression of your humanity and  your individuality.

Live! Love! Laugh! is a course which provides you with the building blocks to reclaim your sense of wonder, opening you up to happiness, so you can find joy in everything from the mundane to the wonderful things in life.

Through seven fun-infused weeks of lessons, you’ll discover eye-opening vital concepts to create a life with play in mind.

What's included?

  • Eight video lessons
  • Seven weekly modules
  • Four guided meditations
  • 70 page PDF activity guide
  • Twenty eight audio lessons

Why take this course? 

Living life joyously is something many wish for, and far too few can achieve. This course provides you with some tools to help you build more joy into your life. 

Our guarantee to you

We cannot guaranty you a fairytale life; but we can promise you can find more joy in your life. If you complete 80% of the course and do not feel more joy, contact us to apply for a refund.
Meet the instructor

Angela Legh

Angela Legh
  • Creator: The Bella Santini Chronicles
  • Founder: Life Shift Academy
  • Mentor for Emotional Mastery 
  • As a seasoned writer, Angela takes great joy in the writing of fairytales for pre-teens.
  • She incorporates her values into her books. She has worked to help people find self-acceptance and learn the power of forgiveness, gratitude, and curiosity, which can open your life to magic. She is an expert in how playfulness opens your heart and makes life better.

Angela’s Values
Angela thrives in building and participating in collaborative team environments that focus on helping people to achieve self-mastery. She centers her efforts on her core values: Love is the magic that makes life worthwhile. Gratitude is the key to living your best life. Curiosity and Wonder are magical ingredients that can shift your perspective and transform your life.

People Best Served
  •  Pre-teen children, their parents, and grandparents
  • Teachers and educators
  • Psychologists, MFTs, LCSWs
  • Schools—homeschool and charter groups
  • Mental health experts—marriage and family therapists, licensed clinical social workers, trauma psychologists
  • Non-profits centered around children, love, and world betterment

Services Provided and Their Results

  • Angela facilitates shifts for her clients to get them to live the life they would love to live
  • You can expect love, tolerance, and respect from Angela. Her books entertain, as well as present new mindsets and tools for living well. As a mentor, she helps her clients to shift perspectives to embrace the life they want.
  • Our children are our future. Parenting must include love, mutual respect, acknowledgment, and encouragement.
  • Adults and children learn to grow together with Angela. Her books facilitate a perception shift for youths so they can create their own magical life.
  • As a Certified Quantum Shift Facilitator, Angela can read energy fields and assist clients with releasing stuck energy, opening them to quantum energy shifts.

The Bella Santini Chronicles is a fairytale series aimed at ages 8–12, teaches children the importance of managing their emotions and gives them tools to process their feelings.
The series delves into complex topics, such as child abandonment, bullying, sibling rivalry, and good vs. evil. Readers build emotional muscle and set a path of wellbeing which allows them to navigate the difficult teen years without seeing suicide as a solution to their problems.
Prepare to awaken the mystical abundance within your child’s mind as you both journey through the enchanting tale.
You can learn more about her work here: