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Mic Drop Signature Warmup


Voice Coach and Founder of Mic Drop

The cornerstone of the entire Mic Drop Program,  this 30 minute insanely fun & super energizing vocal warm up will get you to use your voice to engage better, present better, with more confidence, become more attractive, and…end up making more money.

Included is lifetime access & a private voice lesson with Schroeder so we can customize & maximize how this warmup will best suit your specific needs & goals! ($75 value)

What's included?

  • Physical Warmup
  • POWERFUL Breathing Technique
  • 8 Proprietary Voice Exercises
  • Introduction to "Speech-Level Singing"
  • Lifetime Access

Become a Powerful Communicator 

You will learn how to maximize your impact by communicating more powerfully. Tapping into your vocal potential is crucial in order to create connection, emotional bonds and influence with your audience.

Your Authentic Voice

 You will also learn how to tap into your own unique sound, which is as unique to you as your fingerprints, and is the sound your audience will grow to admire and trust. 
Meet the instructor

Schroeder Nordholt

Schroeder is a seasoned music educator, producer & performer. His career spans over 25 years, during which he’s helped countless individuals access their musical potential, produced across multiple music genres, composed for film & tv, served in musical theatre as music director, voice coach and accompanist, and performed far and wide in numerous bands and as a sought-after piano bar entertainer. 

Over the years he’s appeared on the better part of 1000 stages, and shared the stage with coaching and personal development leaders such as Sean D. Stewart and Les Brown. 

Currently he runs his signature voice coaching program & method called Mic Drop.  Mic Drop serves to empower professional speakers & passionate entrepreneurs to deliver their message with confidence & clarity, so they can step into the larger-than-life version of themselves, command the stage every time they speak, and make the impact they’re truly here to make. 
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