The Essential Academy Proudly Presents:

Momentum for
Suicide  Prevention,
A Virtual Gala Event!

  • Supports  The Teen Suicide Prevention Society
  • Celebrity Guest Speakers Sharing Their Heartfelt Stories
  • Vocalists and Former Cirque du Soleil Artists & Acrobats - LIVE Entertainment Acts
  • Standing Together To Make Teen Suicide A Thing Of The Past!
  • For One Night ONLY - Wed, Sept 22nd
    5pm-9pm EDT

Your ticket of $47 pays for one teen to be trained in having "The Talk" to suicide-proof their friends

Wednesday, Sept. 22nd 

*After-Party to commence immediately thereafter*
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The Gala FUNraiser's Theme:
Our Events Focus on
You having FUN,
Raising Awareness for Great Causes,
You Being Entertained,  Giving Back and Getting Amazing Gifts!

Gala Package Tickets HERE:
* 20% of all Gala Package Tickets sales go directly to benefit The Teen Suicide Prevention Society *

*When you come to the LIVE virtual event, you can Donate Directly to 
Benefit The Teen Suicide Prevention Society, an incredible Non-Profit 
that wants to make teen, and all, suicide a thing of the past!* 

The More You Donate, The MORE GIFTS You GET!!!

"Momentum For Suicide Prevention"
Gala FUNraiser!

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This is a FUNraiser  

Come Join US in:

Just in time for
Suicide Prevention Month!

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Thank you!
Help us make teen suicide a thing of the past!

What's it all about?

Help Make Teen Suicide
A Thing Of The Past!

Your Donations go Directly
towards benefiting
The Teen Suicide Prevention Society!

The More you Donate,
the more Prizes and Gifts you get!

Be Enertained, Be Moved
and Give Back!

*Hear an Uplifting Message from
Int'l Speaker and Living Legend,
Nick Santonastasso

One Night Only Gala Event!

You will see and hear some
incredible things tonight -
some of the line-up features:

*Jackie Simmons,
a TEDx Speaker and the Director of
The Teen Suicide Prevention Society,
will share her journey

*LIVE Acrobatic and Dance Performances from
former Cirque du Soleil
Artists and Acrobats

*DROMMING Energizer Creator, Val Shah
will re-energize us

An Invitation Only
1 Night Only FUNraiser!

* More than a dozen Acrobats, Vocalists, Artists, Dancers and Performances, including from former Cirque du Soleil Artists!

*Angela Legh, Founder of the Life Shift Academy and Best-Selling Author, The Bella Santini Chronicles will be interviewed

*Internationally Acclaimed Performer JJ Villar, will MC and share his Incredible Story and Bring Some Frie

*Acclaimed Vocalist,
Ferlie Almonte and others will serenade us
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Join Jackie Simmons, Director and Co-Founder of The Teen Suicide Prevention Society

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Do not miss out on this ONE NIGHT ONLY Gala Event!

Attend Virtually 
and See the FULL SHOW,
Get Access To Recordings,
Meet the Stars Backstage,
and Give Back to such an important cause! 

 The Gala Package Ticket  Grants You:

~ FULL ACCESS to the Gala Event
~ A PRIVATE Thank-You Note
 ~ A Recording of the Gala Event
~ FULL ACCESS to the After-Party Meet 'n' Greets
~ GIFTS from our Speakers and Performers

- All for $47 -
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"Momentum For
Suicide Prevention
Gala FUNraiser"

* A Generous Percentage of all Gala Package Tickets sales go directly to benefit The Teen Suicide Prevention Society *
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Founded by Jackie Simmons and her Daughters 
Jackie Simmons serves as Director of The Teen Suicide Prevention Society
and hosts the Suicide Prevention Show every month!

Meet the Event Creator / Organizer

Natan Verkhovsky, M.Ht.

Founder, Director, Head Instructor - The Essential Academy
Energy Coach
 Best-Selling Author,
Personal Momentum: Secrets of Self Transformation

*Founder, Director, Instructor - The Essential Academy
*Mental Training Specialist to Elite Athletes and Business Executives for more than 24 years
* Presented concepts found here to the highest Level 4 and Level 5 National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)
*Certified Medical Hypnotherapist since 1997 with thousands of practitioners learning the concepts found here
*Presented concepts found here to AthletesCAN representing every Olympic Sport in Canada
*Course Creator - Personal Mastery: Controlling Your Activation Levels, The Limitless Program, Effortless Mastery: Getting to 10/10
  *Author, Personal Momentum: Secrets of Self Transformation -
30 Day Change For Life Program and Workbook
Born in the former USSR and immigrating to Calgary, Alberta Canada, with his family as a small child he started a more than 30 year journey into the Martial Arts.

From 15 to 16 years of age, he started and rose to be ranked #1 in his division, in Alberta, in the sport of Power Tumbling. He continued to use his Mental Training skills and pursued his education in Medical Hypnotherapy under the tutelage of Dr. Michael Preston, Director of the Institute of Medical Hypnotherapy, in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
Becoming certified in his early 20's, Natan started working as a Mental Training Specialist and developed his core program, Personal Momentum, while doing Mental Training with Team 2000 Men's Gymnastics Teammates and artists and elite athletes from Cirque du Soleil.

Since then, he's adapted 23 Mental, Physical and Emotional Drills and Exercises to help Peak Performers in all disciplines and walks of life. Working with the most successful and challenging individuals and groups, and giving concrete, actionable items is what separates Natan Verkhovsky from others.

He offers two things needed for your change to be truly transformational: Accountability and Transformational Tools.

You can learn more about him or experience his work through his course offered here at the Essential Academy.
Patrick Jones - Course author