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Overcoming Nice Girl Syndrome

Ladies -
* Do you automatically jump in when someone needs help?
* Are people constantly asking you for help but they’re not there when you need them?
* Does everyone expect you to sacrifice yourself for their well-being without any concern for yours?
* Do people take you and all your efforts for granted?
* Do you feel neglected by the people you always bend over backwards for?
* Are you tired of taking care of everyone else and getting very little in return?
* Do you feel obligated to say "Yes" to everyone, even when you're tired or depleted?
* Do you feel like you can't speak up for yourself and ask for what YOU need?
* Are you afraid of making others mad or being called "selfish" when you do something for yourself?

If you’re still operating from that Nice Girl programming you received as a child, it’s time to make yourself a priority and reclaim your power!
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What's included?

  • 8 Modules
  • 8 PDF Handouts
  • 6 Tapping Sessions
  • 1 PrePaving Meditation
  • 1 Power Daydreaming Session

Modules for Each Week:

Module 1 - Exploring Early Nice Girl Programming
Module 2 - Forgiveness
Module 3 - Healing the Disease to Please
Module 4 - Discovering YOU and Finding Your Voice
Module 5 - Finding Your Tribe and Creating Your Soul Family
Module 6 - Learning to Shine Your Light
Module 7 - Taking Back Your Power
Module 8 - Creating a New Vision of Your New Life

Explore Your Early Nice Girl Programming

Discover and identify the early programming that has created blocks to your confidence and success.

Learn to Forgive Others

Learn to fully forgive others and yourself (Yes, you need to forgive YOU!) so you can release the past and move forward.

Heal the Disease to Please

Learn to say NO with love, set healthy boundaries and finally make yourself your priority.

Discover YOU and Find Your Voice

Learn to finally speak up or yourself and ask for what you want and need with confidence.

Find Your Tribe and Create Your Soul Family

Learn how to find the people who love and support you unconditionally.

Learn to Shine Your Light

Learn to show up with confidence, knowing that you have tremendous value and that you deserve to be seen and heard.

Take Back Your Power

Reinforce those healthy boundaries with love and start living with the knowledge that you are more powerful than you ever imagined.

Create a New Vision of Your New Life

Learn a powerful technique to immerse yourself in the feeling of the person you want to be and the life you want to be living to manifest it easily with love and joy.
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Meet the instructor

Tanna Marshall, HHP, LoAC

Tanna Marshall is an Author, Intuitive, Transformational Women's Empowerment Coach, Certified Law of Attraction Coach, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, EFT Practitioner and Founder of Infinite Woman, a feminine community supporting, inspiring and connecting high-vibe,
like-minded women through programs and events. 
She is also a recovering Nice Girl.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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