Get Ready to Accelerate Success!

Successful SMART Goals

Time Management Myth - Busted!

Let's focus on what you want - and learn from what you want to avoid.

Changing Perspectives

Have you learned from the past?
Or are you repeating it?

From thoughts to Profitability

Let's tackle the small little things holding you back
Tired of being frustrated?
Want more from business and from life?
Over being overwhelmed?
Ready to take steps to make success happen?

Then let's set a SMART Goal! Together we will work to break the cycle of Frustration, Lack, Overwhelm and Procrastination.

Implementing small changes in words, outlook and actions will create massive momentum in business and life.  And since the professional provides for the personal, and the personal serves the professional, when you work on one, you will see changes in both.

     What's included?

  • 5 Zoom sessions
  • 5 Videos
  • 3 PDFs
  • 75 Questions
  • 1 Certification

Become Strategic 

You've heard of SMART goals right?  What if you could up-level even more than just setting a SMART Goal?  What if you could bring the assistance of the abundance universe into said SMART goal?  This program helps develop and organize a SMART Goal, as well as implement steps to set-up for successful completion of said SMART Goal.  This can be a professional goal, a personal goal, or a goal which has started and is wanting a little boost.  Cool thing? This process and information can be applied to future goals!
Meet the instructor

Krista Crotty

Business Crew Chief - Operational Specialist

Krista loves helping accelerate success in business and careers by exposing blind spots.  Since an early age, she has loved helping others.  In the past several years, that love of helping people expanded into helping entrepreneurs, sales professionals and business owners accelerate success.

Krista enjoys working with all types of businesses - and excels with hand-on businesses such as trades and services.  Some of her clients include HVAC companies, salon owners and stylists, as well as independent contractors looking to create a business.

She is excited to share her perspective and knowledge with all and is passionate about helping you increase profits!

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Patrick Jones - Course author