Mindset and Mental Tools for Unlimited Personal Growth

  • Author: Summer Diya Selva
  • Level: All levels
  • Study time: 6 hours
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There is no manual for the greatest and most complicated machine in the world, human mind.

But great teachers have taught us ways to shape our mindsets and sharpen its potentials to ride the edge of possibilities and create a profound impact on our personal and business success.
This course offers to shed light on a few very powerful mental tools that can shape your mindset to make you the best version of yourself and be successful.
This course can not make you rich, successful or powerful. But adopting and practising principles from this course into your lives certainly can.
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  • Quizzes: 8

What's included?

  • 8 Chapters
  • 1 Certification
  • 26 Questions
  • 16 Video
  • 5 PDF

Become a Strategist 

While you practice on your assignments and use the mental tools offered in this course, you will learn to continually step outside your comfort zone, embrace changes, open up to new possibilities, connect with life-changing individuals, and experience transformational change in both, your personal and business lives.  

Personal brand

You will also identify roadblocks that prevent the development of a growth mindset and strategies for overcoming them. You'll sharpen your intuition, learn to listen to your inner voice, dispel all self limiting beliefs, identify and control negative thought patterns and be a leader for life.
Meet the instructor

Summer Diya Selva

Summer is a digital marketing expert and has also been a business success coach since 2013. She has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and her background education is in Naturopathy, Holistic Nutrition and Yogic Sciences.
The caffeine dependant analog form of Summer enjoys bringing together people of all levels and all intellects. She thrives best in groups whether it is group classes and workshops, masterminds, networking meetings or summits.
Summer has created and conducted numerous digital courses and workshops in the fields of personal development, social media, email marketing, business and sales strategy and communication skills. She looks forward to sharing love of building meaningful and effective content with all students to develop their skillsets that helps them become the best version of themselves.
Summer Diya Selva - Course author