What if you knew the seven "magical" words which can decrease what you pay or increase what you get paid for something?

The Secrets of Empowering Negotiation

What would your personal life be like if you had better communication skills?
What would your business life be like if you had better negotiation skills?


Audio online course by Dr. Richard Kaye; or you can download the course.

Dr. Richard Kaye

Eight weeks
Four hours





The program . . .

  • Eight weeks of lessons
  • Discover strategy, negotiation, and outstanding outcomes
  • Audio lessons for easy consumption
  • PDF activity guide

Learn to empower while negotiating 

Imagine a negotation where both parties feel they got a great deal. The way you do anything, is the way you do everything. Create win-win for everyone.

This program is . . .

Meet the instructor

Dr. Richard Kaye

All negotiation strategies you will learn from this program have the desired outcome of a win-win; or at least the other person must feel they've won! How much better would it be if that individual felt, "Wow, we had a great negotiation, and we both got a great deal."
Patrick Jones - Course author