Lesson series

Traditional Medicine
- A Forensic Introduction -

Successfully treated hundreds of patients with:

➤ Anxiety, Depression & Improving Mental Health
➤ Shoulder, Neck, Back Pain & Sciatica
➤ Muscle, Joint & Sports Injuries
➤ Arthritis & Recurring Pains
➤ Dietary Intolerance & IBS Symptoms
➤ Improving Athletic Performance
➤ Internal Disease
➤ Scar Reduction
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Ed Wardle-Davies. BSc. (Hons) YTMP MBAF, has created a 6-part video course, based on his personal injury experience & specialist training, including:

- 12 Sessions of 1-1 LIVE online support & training;
- Insider methods and professional guidance;
- Closely-guided instruction on:
*recovery and
of physical injury

This PRIVATE course is limited to a maximum of 
6 LIVE participants due to an intensive 1-1 online learning engagement and therapy directly with 
Ed Wardle-Davies, Master Practitioner 
of Traditional Medicines.
  • What is the format?
  • 6 Chapters
  • 12x 1-1 Online Guidance Sessions
  • Easy-to-Follow Video Modules
  • 1x Assessment

Develop your Forensic
Traditional Medicine Skills

- Learn how to maximize your health opportunities in a series of practical steps.
- Change your mindset towards scar tissue significantly and overcome challenges using traditional tried and tested methods. 
- Access a wealth of insider information of closely guarded traditional medicine techniques which have been passed down through the generations orally.

These methods will include:
Tui Na Massage / Manipulations
Indonesian Oil Massage
Traditional Chinese Medicine 
Gua Sha
Emotional Therapy
Traditional Medicine 
Dietary Analysis
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An Incredible Story with an Incredible Master Healer
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Meet the instructor

Ed Wardle-Davies

 Ed Wardle-Davies. BSc. (Hons) YTMP MBAF
- Practice Principal at the Traditional Medicine Clinic, Woodford.

- Master Practitioner of Pre-Pharmaceutical Traditional Medicine specialist techniques including

Traditional Chinese and Traditional Japanese Medicine:
- Traditional Medicine Diagnostics & Consultation Methods
- Acupuncture
- Electro-Acupuncture
- Traditional Medicine Dietary Analysis

Physical Therapies: - Tui Na / Medical Massage
- Indonesian Oil Massage
- Traditional Oil & Wet Cupping Therapy
- Gua Sha Therapy
- Exercise Physiology & Rehabilitation

Ed Wardle-Davies has made teaching Traditional Medicine lifestyle a mission. Born and educated in the United Kingdom. in 2009, at 21 years old he injured his back during a hiking accident whilst training for the British Armed Forces. Compressing the spinal vertebrae L3-S1 caused a loss of sensation in his legs. After lengthy consultations, the risks of conventional surgery were considered too great. The future looked bleak.

Only by treating the genuine underlying issues with Traditional Medicine was he able to learn to walk again pain-free. Since then Ed has re-engaged in Ju Jutsu martial arts and time trial running for a four-minute mile. Overcoming his injury taught him how important it is to challenge the paradigms of the limitations that conventional medicine can place on you.

Conventional and pharmaceutical medicine is correct to promote its scientific successes. However it too often only treats the surface symptoms, rather than the true underlying causes of illness. These interwoven physical, emotional, and spiritual causes are absent from conventional medicine diagnoses. Traditional Medicine has developed over thousands of years through natural selection of successful methods to treat these deep causes.

First a patient, and now a successful Master practitioner of Traditional Medicine pre-pharmaceutical techniques, he now runs a successful clinic in Woodford, England. Ed helps diagnose patients' issues with a unique blend of methods, including empirical forensic deduction, and instinctive historic techniques, passed through the centuries via natural selection.

Powerful Traditional Medicine methods can greatly empower an individual. Particularly to understand your physical health opportunities, emotional balance, dietary sensitivities, and exercise potential. However, only if the user is aware of the closely-guarded secrets within the trade. And imparted from an individual who genuinely cares about enhancing the opportunities of others.

Passing on the age-old familial secrets of Traditional Medicine Masters on has now become a life-mission for Ed Wardle-Davies. You can achieve these skills too and Ed's teaching methods make it simpler, more relatable and effective than ever. It is the most rewarding and fulfilling act imaginable to help yourself and someone you know and care about. Join him today to begin your journey.
Patrick Jones - Course author