Lesson series

Life Transitions

You are on the amazing journey called life.
During  this journey you will change.
Understand these Transitions
and Learn HOW to be
Better Prepared!

See how your changes as you
grow through every STAGE of DEVELOPMENT!
Grow - Change - Mature

Watch. Understand.
Learn. Celebrate.

The problem is not the change, it's the transition!
Transitions follow a predictable process,
and if you follow this process and
engage with your Inner Self,
will be far more smooth
and less painful!
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Meet the instructor

Alan Cox

Mindful Listening Creator /
Master Facilitator
 Active Communication Expert
Master Post-Production Video Editor

Alan Cox left school at 16 to pursue his chosen career in film and television, pestering the local television station until they finally gave in and offered him a job. That was the beginning of a career that was to be his life for the next 40 years.

Video production is all about communication. Alan knew what worked but he didn't know why. That desire to know why was what began the next phase of his life.

In the 90s, he was given a priceless gift - an understanding the enormous power of the unconscious mind.

In 1993, Alan Cox was invited to attend an intense 5-day workshop teaching Deep Structure Listening. In 1994, he was again invited to join an advanced workshop, this time by the course creator personally, John Savage, who wanted Alan to take the course in order to qualify him as a Facilitator for the program.

Graduation, turned out to be a significant turning point in his life. For the next two years, AIan facilitated the workshop for many groups, however, as a volunteer.

Unfortunately, since volunteering does not pay the bills, he had to shift his focus back to his video production business.

As luck would have it, the Internet changed the film and television industry forever. Alan Cox worked in London for a year before returning to Australia when his first granddaughter was born.

He then took a job with the Justice Department of Western Australia and for 7 years did his best to help juveniles in detention.
This turned out to be the most stressful time of his life. The lack of interest in genuine rehabilitation of the kids was soul-destroying.
This inspired him to create Mindful Communication, a course that helps people achieve peace, contentment and love in their lives through enriched relationships.

He and his wife met when they were both 16, got married at 20 and had three awesome daughters before they were 30. They recently celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary and are loving life with their daughters, their daughter's husbands and partners, as well as, their 10 grandchildren. Alan Cox personally believes that the knowledge and skills that he learned from this Mindful Listening course helped preserve his marriage.

The Mindful Listening course is the result of his original learning, supplemented by current psychology and neuroscience research.
Having learned from people such as Daniel Kahneman, Ralph Nichols, Florence Wolff, Nadine Marsnik, Daniel Goldmann, John Savage, William Bridges, Alan Cox brings a depth and breath of scope that is incredibly uncommon today.

His company name, Brainy Gecko, quirky as it is, has a story behind it...he'd love to tell you about it, just ask!
Alan Cox - Course author
Alan has personal experience of Life's Transitions because he has lived through them.