Meet the instructor

Dan McPherson, B.Eng, B.His

*International Speaker
Business & Personal Development Coach
*Founder & CEO: Leaders Must Lead
Podcast Host
*World-Class Trainer

Dan McPherson, Professional Speaker and Podcast Host, World-Class Trainer, and CEO of Leaders Must Lead, is on a mission to help Creatives and Entrepreneurs build profit and believe Dreams ARE Real.

With 25+ years in corporate roles responsible for up to 2000 people and more than $150M in revenue, Dan is a recognized expert in leadership, sales, and business strategy. 

As a top-performing leader with 20+ years of experience across a variety of market segments in Retail and Direct Sales including 15+ years of successful multi-unit management, Dan McPherson has maintained responsibility for up to $70M in revenue across as many as 65 locations with up to 700 team members.

The breadth and depth of Dan's experiences has fueled a passion to teach, train, and inspire others to greater success.

This desire to help others learn and grow led Dan to found Leaders Must Lead.

Dan is a a student of all aspects of sales, personal and leadership development, as well as positive organizational growth.

He is a great communicator who has helped many leaders accomplish more than they thought possible.

Dan has a passion for stepping out to lead people and help impact their lives and businesses.

Leaders Must Lead offers a variety of affordable, no-risk sales, leadership, and operations focused training, consulting, and speaking services designed to enhance the skills and revenue of both individuals and businesses.

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