Meet the advisory board member & the Instructor

Dave Rogers, MBA

Multiple Int'l Best Selling Author
Mentor in Residence
Social Entrepreneur

Dave Rogers' life has shifted dramatically in 2020 - he's in Canada with 3 key areas of focus:

1) Elderly Care
2) Grief Counselling, researching and writing about "Shift Your Belief About Grief and finishing up the five new chapters on Mental Health and Wellness as a supplement to Awesome Coaching and recently published - GET 2020 Vision.
3) Social Entrepreneurship and supporting ventures in Canada, Singapore, Indonesia, South Africa, India and Australia.

David Michael Rogers is a Canadian born Serial Investorpreneur, Mastermind Facilitator, Speaker and multiple times, he's been a best selling Author as well.

As a Managing Director of a portfolio, he controls investments in more than fifty companies, shares real life experiences and infuses humour, wisdom and alternative perspectives into workshops, keynotes, masterminds and his private consulting services.

With over 20 years building social entrepreneurial eco systems, Dave Rogers has spoken in more than 43 countries, on four continents to over 150,000 people. From half-hour to half-day, full-day, two-day and up to eleven-day Global Leadership Expeditions called Soul Journey adventures, he has led over 15 Leadership Tours.

His recent activities in Brampton, Ontario Canada include Mentor-In-Resident, a Volunteer Yoga Instructor, and co-host of Small Business Skills Clinic, Canada Start Up and the podcasts Pray Love and ShadupListenup.

Dave Rogers is the author of Awesome Coaching, Rev Up Your Coaching Business and Co-Author of Entrepreneur X Factor, Six Dimensions of TOP Achievers, as well, as a number of digital products and a vast number of workshops, seminars and events, his newest book, Get 2020 Vision is available on Amazon and Kindle. and includes five new chapters on mental health, grief , depression, insomnia and corporate PTSD.

You can learn more about him or experience his work through his courses offered here at the Essential Academy, or through his Social Media links on his profile.
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