Meet the Instructor

Dr. Grace Gwitira

Award-winning writer, speaker, coach
Humanitarian and GoodWorks Champion
Emotional Intelligence Expert
Book Writing Specialist
Leadership Coach

Dr. Grace Gwitira is an award-winning writer, speaker, trainer, and coach.

She is passionate about helping underprivileged people and has championed several projects such as feeding the hungry and raising money for crisis intervention.

She has a Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership degree.

Dr. Grace helps individuals, leaders, experts, and entrepreneurs to get to their next level of success by providing personalized training and individualized coaching in areas of leadership, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, stress management, and book-writing.

She speaks at summits, conferences and events ranging from small boardroom audiences to thousands of people in large auditoriums and is passionate about developing people.

You can learn more about the work she does here at The Essential Academy, and through her social media links below.
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