Meet the instructor

Dr. Lexis Johnson

International Best Selling Author
*Wellness TV Host
Essential Academy
*Astro/Alchemy/Success Instructor
Double-board certified Holistic Health
*Practitioner & Nutritional Consultant Business Consultant

Dr. Lexis Johnson is an expert in Alchemical Studies of Astrology; Ascension; Aromatherapy; Colour Therapy & more…

She can show you how to enhance your performance by knowing your Purpose/Destiny.

Especially for Online Coaches, Consultants, Authors, Energy Workers, aka LightWorkers... knowing what your Soul's intended Purpose is for this physical lifetime is essential for navigating your choices in this beautiful crazy world we live in.

Lightworker training is available in a wide variety of modalities, since Dr. Lexis is an International Best Selling Author & TV Host,  who is certified or Master in all she teaches, Lightworker Training includes a broad base education plus electives for fine-tuning your specific talents, passions & goals.

What Dr. Lexis teaches, provides the roadmap & blueprint your Soul came here to experience. It's your choice to go through life in the dark, guessing which path to take... OR... learn your Soul's Intended Destiny & take the direct route. You were intended to live in love, joy, abundance & blessings.

Through Multi-Dimensional certifications and working life experiences over 5 decades, Dr. Lexis has become endowed with the skills, talents, tools and competencies to accompany elite leaders of all faiths, cultures, persuasions & walks of life. She takes you on a phenomenal adventure of self-discovery, self-actualization & self-mastery, enabling you to your BE-INGness of Joy, Health, Success & Profitability. Lexis empowers critical thinking skills of the physical world with intentional embodiment of the quantum realms to BE, KNOW & HAVE... Love, Joy & Purpose.

Dr. Lexis holds certificates and/or is a Registered Master of over two dozen various Energy Healing Modalities that encompass both the extrasensory modalities plus each of the Five Senses & is Double-Board Certified in Nutritional, Aromatherapy, Sound/Colour Therapy, Astrology, Reflexology plus Reiki Masteries in Seichim Sechem, Usui, Kundalini, Violet & Sacred Flames, et al plus has a Master of Metaphysical Studies & Psychology PhD Colour Inst Diplomate. 

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