Meet the instructor

Dr. Phil Pelucha

Billionaires in Boxers 🎧

 ‘Not that Dr. Phil’ 🎤

Establishing industry leaders using PODCASTING,

Empowering One BILLION Entrepreneurs⭐

Future owner of Liverpool FC🏆

Phil Pelucha, best-known for Establishing industry leaders using Podcasting, Summits & TV ‘learn How’👇

- 'Not that Dr. Phil'

- I build global empires from home and rarely put on pants. 👖

- Ranked as the number 1 Podcast Publicist for businesses. 🏆

- Often referred to as the ‘Sir Richard Branson’ of Podcasting & New Media.

- TV Host & Producer. ⭐

- Top 100 Podcaster. 🎤

- Reaching an audience of over HALF A MILLION listeners and over ONE MILLION.

10 000ft overview of me and the business:
I have been podcasting for almost 14 years now, with over 10 000 hours of podcasting.

I grew and sold two sports podcast networks.

I then grew, scaled, and sold two professional services agencies using podcasting.

As a former professional athlete, corporate leader, and current industry leader, Philip (Dr. Phil) Pelucha, also known as “not that Dr. Phil,” is the founder and creator of the Billionaires in Boxers Consultancy and BiBTV. The list of his works includes a business broadcast network, the creation of the University of Steel, its alumni, The Steel Society, and the host of non-profit and charitable organizations.

Dr. Phil is best known for establishing industry leaders across numerous sectors and multiple countries worldwide. Crafting international credibility for domestic dominance for his clients. He fully understands that visibility equals credibility and goes about helping business owners to craft their message in a way that allows them to elevate themselves, their business, and those around them.

He achieves this through his understanding and recognition that the rules of society and industry were created to exclude certain people from succeeding.

Phil is known to have said the following: “You cannot wait for an invitation to the top of your industry; you must invite yourself.”
Visibility equals credibility, but to ensure that it also equals profit, you must be mindful of what they see now that you are more visible.

By helping you identify your purpose, legacy, and business and personal aspirations, he enables you to become recognized as the genuine and authentic entrepreneur you are in a market that deserves to know that you exist. So, if you feel like your industry’s best-kept secret, then he is talking to you!

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