Meet the instructor

Dra. Raquel Rubín

International Speaker
*Best Selling Author
Military Officer
*Demartini Method® Facilitator
Consultant for Medical Organizations

Dra. Raquel Rubín [Dra. is the abbreviation for female doctor in Spanish] is a bilingual former Dentist, Dental Office Owner and Military Officer.

Dra. Raquel Rubín now focuses on her other roles as an International Speaker, 
Best Selling Author [book in Spanish: El Vidajero vive haciendo lo que ama], Emcee, Facilitator and Consultant.

Having been in different leadership positions,
survived hurricanes Irma and Maria and was also in Puerto Rico when the earthquake shook the island, Dra. Raquel Rubín is resilient to say the least; she teaches others how to hold up under adversity as well.

While working as a Dentist she juggled her Dental Practice at the same time she had her Mom at the Hospital and was told that her Mother was going to remain in a coma and under dialysis for the rest of her life. She allows her Mom to undergo the
traditional health care at the same time she decided to do everything possible for her Mom to start being able to sit down then walking again and she persevered until her mom got out of Dialysis.

The secret sauce that Dra. Raquel Rubín found was, that she didn't allow the 
limiting beliefs of others or those perceived as 'the Authority' to dictate what was possible or not.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, a Doctorate in Medical Dentistry, is a Trained Demartini Method® Facilitator Consultant with experience on both Radio and TV.

She believes in the power of asking quality questions and she has the gift of using them to allow others to shift their perspective about things in order to find solutions.

She lives in Puerto Rico. Besides speaking and writing she loves to read, music, poetry, nature and its creatures because she is aware there are lessons hidden all over the universe for us to find and use to evolve.

Dra. Raquel Rubín's motto: Live doing what you
Love and Transform your Mind to Transform your Life.

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