Meet the Instructor

Eyesun Seghati

Policy Analysis and Research Specialist
Interior Designer and Colour Expert
Cultural Exchange Facilitator

Eyesun Seghati studied at the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, in Beppu, Oita (Japan) and graduated from Asia Pacific Studies having promoted public awareness by organizing cultural exchange festivals.

Besides being a Teacher, Eyesun was promoting public awareness by organizing cultural exchange festivals and was able to assist with event planning and fundraising through performing international food and tradition dance festivals.

At the University of British Columbia she finished her Masters in A.P. Policy by showing a deep knowledge of research and policy analysis to prepare policy memorandum, social, international, environmental and other issues with numerous research projects having been conducted.

Eyesun Seghati shifted gears and then became an Interior Designer and Colour Specialist, creating incredible living and working areas for her clients.

Combining her education, expertise and experience, Eyesun brings breath-taking creations to life!
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