Meet the Instructor

Fernando Espinosa
de los Monteros

Personality Based
Training Expert
Industrial Engineer
Serial Entrepreneur

Fernando Monteros routinely helps companies and individuals increase their revenue by 300% or more.

He is a specialist in creating and delivering high-performance sales training, coaching and mentoring.

Fernando has created live & online sales training events offered to companies that want to send a powerful message and boost results from their sales professionals or sales teams.

He has also run multiple million dollar companies that help organizations be aware that climate change as one of the most important environmental challenges facing the world today, for almost 40 years.

And despite economic downturns, consumers, businesses and organizations continue to rise to the challenge, by investing in energy efficient technologies and practices. Improving the efficiency of the world’s buildings, homes & industries is the fastest, most cost effective solution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the near term and combating climate change in the long term.

The more the world invests in energy efficiency, the greater the down payments we make in a sustainable environment for future generations. These investments not only reduce cost & protect the environment; they also address volatile energy prices, strengthen energy security, create new jobs and spur economic growth.

He advises organizations on energy culture and help them establish business structures on how to write their energy policy, implement proper metering & monitoring systems and establish energy efficient targets.

You can learn more about him or experience his work here at the Essential Academy as he sits on the Advisory Committee for The Essential Academy, or through his Social Media links on his profile.
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