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You may have met our Founder and Director,
Natan Verkhovsky, M.Ht.
at a networking event, or you've been
personally referred or invited to join our

world-calibre panel of professionals! 

Come and share your magic through

the most impactful, interactive 
e-learning platform available anywhere.

You wouldn't be here if you weren't
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Education, Experience and Expertise

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#so unexpected | #this is awesome | #has the highest quality features | #rocked my business | #is the best place| #propelled my practice

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Int'l Author,
*Early Childhood
Education Specialist
*NGO Consultant
*Demartini & Montessori Trained Facilitator

Renee Lighton
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"...What I needed, when I needed to take my face-to-face workshops, online!  ...Thanks for delivering a great service, globally!"

Transformational Coach
*Certified &
*Accredited Tapping
*EFT Practitioner
*Multi-Discipline Healer

richard morden
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"...I had no idea what was in store for me when I joined, that there would be opportunities to things I never thought possible!"

*Animation Expert
*Geographic Information System (GIS)
*Voice Recognition Specialist
*Infidelity Recovery
Course Creator

larry mcginnes
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"...I was hesitant at the start to say the least...I'm forever grateful that now, I get to work with amazing Instructors and an amazing online school!"

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Designed to Guide and Support
ALL Instructors Every Step Of The Way
From the Newer Online Instructor to the Most Advanced!

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Course Creation Path

Here's what's Included and Available to You:

*Private 90 Day Course Creation Program
*Personal Accountability Partner
*Collaborate with other Incredible Instructors to 
Create Unique Courses
*You Own ALL Your Content, For Life
*All Basic Technical Assistance and Support
*Access to Additional Optional Marketing and Tech Support
*Monthly Team Meetings to Meet 'n' Greet Others
*2 Weekly Coaches Corner Free 
Emotional/Mental Support Sessions
*2 Monthly Office Hours Live Tech / Marketing Support 
*Unlimited Landing Pages to Promote Your Courses
*Unlimited Courses that you can Create and Sell
*Assistance to Bring Your Existing Courses Over 
From Other Platforms
*No Others FEES from You - 20% of Course Sales Commissions are used to Pay for ALL Your AFFILIATE, MARKETING and PROCESSING FEES!

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Stages & Audiences Path

Here's what's Included and Available to You:

*77 Weekly Free Networking Events, Worldwide
*4 Weekly Co-Hosted Profit Sharing 
'Own Your Own Energy' Workshops
*Weekly LIVE Interviews with New Instructors
*Monthly Hosted Private 'Share Your Magic' Summit
*Monthly Team Meeting to Meet 'n' Greet Others
*Multiple Monthly Public Summits & Events 
to Attend and Network At
*Multiple Monthly Public Summits & Events 
to Speak / Present At
*Interviews on Faces Of Resilience
*Interviews on Share Your Stories Online
*Podcast Guest Multiple Times
*SpeakerTunity® Exclusive Membership Discounts
 *Credibility Nation Exclusive Membership 
*Access to Other Instructors to Stand on Your Stages
*Create Your Own Event, Summit, FUNraiser, and more!

Combine them both for Incredible Value| The Master Instructor Path

Join our Team and Explore Together!
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Write your awesome label here.

Here's some Benefits to
Joining Us Today!

*Access to best-in-class Learning Management System (LMS from LearnWorlds) software with unlimited landing pages and our incredibly easy to use, award-winning Video Editor and Page Builders - you are fully supported, with onboarding video and community resources to guide you quickly and easily to bring your existing content over to the platform 

*Add an additional revenue stream with an unlimited price tag for the upper level programs

*Join a worldwide panel of expert practitioners and professionals to network, collaborate and add new value and content to your existing programs

*Be advertised and recognized as an expert by an additional outside body - it has more weight to join and be promoted by a group of others than to loudly sign your own praises

*Make all your existing materials interactive - turn content into courses, quickly and easily.  As an Instructor you get to decide your curriculum, what you'll teach and what constitutes a passing grade and just how interactive you want to make this course

*Share and spread your message, your vision and your magic even farther than you currently are by adding your momentum to a cause - we actively support several charitable projects, organizations and activities around the world!

We believe that Education
must be Transformational and
not just Informational!

A few more kind words from
our  current Instructors

#so unexpected | #this is awesome | #has the highest quality features | #rocked my business | #is the best place| #propelled my practice


The Reinvention Mentor®,
Empowering women worldwide
*Award-winning entrepreneur
*Vision and Mindset Expert
*Personal Branding and
Personal Effectiveness Specialist 

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"...I was able to take my 1 day, in-person workshop and turn it into a 5 week course...this came at just the right time!"
dr. richard kaye and angela legh

*Forbes Author
International Speaker
Celebrity Doctor
 *Master Connecter Business Acceleration Strategist
*Director: CEO Space

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"...The Instructors here are TOP QUALITY! We're really excited to be a part of that mix!  Welcome to the team!"

*Award Winning Real Estate Expert
Non-Profit Specialist
Multiple Best-Selling Author
*Creator / Founder
GoalMogul App

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"... I was amazed at how many remarkable people are here to work with - and I was lucky enough to get an invitation to join The Essential Academy!"

Would you like to be SUPPORTED as you create your Courses? 

And would you like to be PROMOTED, worldwide, after?!

like no other Academy!

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