Meet the instructor

Heather Harden, Bsc

*Course Creation Guru

Best-Selling Author

Wholistic Nutrition/Diabetes Champion

*In-House Partner Service Provider

Serial Entrepreneur

Time and Money.  That's the Intersection that Heather plays in.

She believes that every business owner must understand the importance of these resources.

And yet, in her experience, not every business owner understands how to leverage these resources or grow them.
Time and Money can be better managed by introducing Automation, improving Customer Service &
Customer Experience, and through Product Development.

This is where you need Heather Harden shines. She understands how to optimize systems and their interactions with the resources that really matters.  She can IMPACT  you, your course creation/execution strategy and even help your employees and your customers!

Get in touch to find out how I can help make your business even better.  You can find more more about her and experience her work at The Essential Academy or through her social media links below.
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