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Iaido - the art of drawing the sword
Iaidō (居合道) is a Japanese martial art which involves drawing and cutting with a saber in a single movement.
​Its goal is to use a technique in response to an opponent by taking into account the location and context of the encounter.
In this Budō, we aim for perfection of the movement and technical efficiency.
Made from three kanji 居合道, Iaido is translated as this:
• to live, exist , or the numeral 1 (居, i )
• harmony, union (合, ai )
• the way (道, dō )
Hence, Iaido is the way of living in harmony or the way to unify the being.

This discipline is both martial and Zen, as a true Budō.
This art consists in the learning of Kata.
​Iaido is a passion, a way of Life.
Iaido - the art of drawing the sword

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Intro to Iaido

Follow along as Sensei Jolly takes you through a journey of Physical, Mental and Spiritual Discovery and Development
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  • Learn a beautiful, moving meditation that is hundreds of years old and real

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Rich History and Culture

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Sensei Dean Jolly

Sensei Dean Jolly joined Shidokan Dojo in the early 80’s to learn Kendo under Funamoto Sensei. During this time he met Okimura Sensei and started to learn Iaido. Being disciplined and talented, he developed a close friendship with Robert Miller and Santoso Hanitojo, both members and future teachers of the Dojo in Montreal.

As a student of Okimura Sensei, he received the classical training with slow dedicated progress of the traditional Japanese culture. At the time Ohmori Ryu Iaido was the main focus on the Iaido practice in North America, a process that took years to be taught.

After an injury that stopped his kendo carrier, he devoted all his time to the study of Muso Shinden Ryu and ZNKR Iaido.

For almost two decades he was the sempai of Shidokan Dojo, until fall of 2006 he was asked by Robert Miller Sensei to take over the duties of teaching Iaido at John Abbott College.

Since then he teaches and leads a group of bilingual Iaido students on a weekly basis, sharing his experience and his valuable knowledge of a lifetime of training to anyone who wants to learn and commit to discover the art of Iaido.

He has participated in every main tournament in Canada as well as the 1st and 2nd Canadian Kendo Championship.

Currently he holds a 5th Dan in Iaido obtained in 2013 and a
2nd Dan in Kendo.

Main Awards:

2002: Fighting spirit award Ontario open Iaido tournament
2014: Shidokan Teaching award - 40th anniversary celebration
2016: Fighting spirit award 2nd Canadian Iaido Championship
2017: Silver medal Mu Mon Kai Iaido Taikai in Toronto, ON.

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