Meet the Instructor

Jackie Simmons

*TedX Presenter and Coach
Total Success Mindset Trainer
*Radio Host
Social Media Specialist
JV Collaboration Master
*Non-Profit Expert 
Philanthropist and Charity Director

Jackie Simmons, creator of the Success Journey Roadmap and other tools to help create growth and empowerment for all individuals - whether they are looking to expand themselves personally, professionally or are looking to give back to others.

As a TedX presenter and coach, she trains others in how to 'rock the Dot'!

When you get to know her a bit more, and see what drives her and what she's really passionate about - you come to find an incredible depth and breathe of learning and compassion!

Caring about others, Jackie can't help but bring the best out in everyone around her - especially when she looks to make teen suicide a thing of the past! 

Her Suicide Prevention Show summit is an incredible event, having Motivational Founding Fathers like Les Brown speaking and allowing others to take a lighter look at a serious subject in order to help the world!

As a business and executive consultant and advisor, she has decades of experience propelling organizations and leaders to the highest levels they have ever performed at!

You can learn more about the work Jackie does at The Esential Academy or through her social media links below.
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