Meet the instructor

Jay Becker

*Corporate Crypto Integration Specialist
High-Ticket Offer Creator
Privacy/Security IT Nut
*Creator of Bespoke Crypto Communities

Jay is an expert on cryptocurrency integrations and helps businesses leverage this new technology to gain a competitive edge over their competition. Jay loves explaining cryptocurrency in a way that is easy to understand.
We help businesses understand the power of cryptocurrency to eliminate transaction fees, expand international sales and leverage a “digital first” position to drive growth.

Jay was born and raised in the the United States between Silicone Valley and the Silicone Forest. Growing up, he witnessed first hand the transformational power that technology can bring to our everyday lives.

Inspired, he built his first phone from scratch. The battery lasted 2 hours and it looked more like an improvised explosive device than an actual phone.

It was a fantastic conversation starter.
 He started a robotics club with no money, no experience, and no materials. Within 2 years it grew into a 10 person machine, held multiple successful fundraisers, and pioneered more efficient means of building robots. They competed in and won the state championship against some of the best teams in the world who were better funded, more experienced, and where advised by leading experts.

Riding on the high of victory he started a web development agency. It was a fantastic learning experience as he had to pickup customer relations, marketing, and product management almost overnight.

While building out the agency he gave talks at his local college on everything from theoretical physics to web development.

Looking for a new challenge he began working with an automation company. Taking what he learned about product development and management from the agency, he worked closely with businesses to save them both time and money.

His life forever changed one day, when a friend finally convinced him to give Cryptocurrency a second look. What started as a quick google search, turned into an obsession.

Spending hours late at night pouring through projects, joining crypto communities, and investing in undervalued projects, cryptocurrency soon took over his life.

While incredibly powerful tools and projects are being created on a daily basis in the crypto world, hardly anyone else was actually using them. Combining his knowledge of IT and business, Jay decided to close this gap and bring these tools to the masses.

When not reading up on the latest crypto development, you will find Jay playing guitar or exploring the pacific northwest.

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