Meet the instructor

Jessica Bennett

Global Freelancer
*Brand Storytelling Consultant
Sales Copywriting Expert
*LinkedIn & Email Marketing Specialist

Are you in need of a content strategy confidant?

✅ Do you worry about posting unprofessional content that isn’t proofread or sounds “off-brand”?
✅ If I looked at your laptop it’d have thousands of google docs open, and half-written content.
✅ You have creative ideas, but English is your second language & you need editing help.
✅ A stressed solopreneur with brain fog from “tunnel-vision” & needs a brainstorming partner.
✅ You lack the knowledge, creativity, and resources to create a successful campaign.
✅ Disheartened because communicating in your target audience’s language is not working out.

What happens when you work with Got Writer’s Block?

✅ Instantly gain access to creative brainstorming sessions to soundboard your ideas off of!
✅ Creation of winning email campaigns that actually get opened & have high CTRs.
✅ Access to an enthusiastic founder who’s constantly coming up with new ideas creative ideas.
✅ Stress relief - finally have the high-quality resource to outsource your content.
✅ I strive to ACTUALLY listen to your vision and bring it to life (true story - read below).
✅ All your unfinished google docs will be transformed into strategic content for your brand.
✅ Stop worrying about sounding silly online. We edit & proofread your content.
copywriting & LinkedIn **(constantly staying up to date with algorithms and changes)**
✅ Straight forward training to speak your customer’s language using copywriting techniques
Ready to tackle your content stress and sound on-brand and professional online?

Here's our process.
Step 1: Book a clarity call to see if we are aligned and if we are the creative team to bring your vision to life.

Step 2: Onboarding starts! Brainstorm and kick-off call to discuss your buzz-worthy content strategy, and learn about your values, customers' pain points, and your business.

Step 3: Creating your content strategy to skyrocket your authority!

Step 4: Review and approve time. We make sure that you are 100% resonating with the content.

Step 5: Revisions, edits, final approval, and your content launches!

Let’s chat to see how we can help you transform your content strategy!

Main services: email marketing, content strategy, LinkedIn content strategy, b2b sales outreach, e-commerce copy, communication training, creative writing, editing, and sales copywriting.

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