Meet the instructor

JJ Villar

*Public Speaker / MC 
Self Development Coach 
 *Elite Entertainer / Performer 
Award-Winning Choreographer 
 *Creative Director at
Feel The Music Entertainment

JJ Villar is a bilingual visionary entrepreneur, motivational speaker, transformational coach and creative artist from Bogota, Colombia.

With more than 25 years experience in the entertainment industry as a professional artist, dancer, choreographer, actor, artistic director, producer, emcee and artist development coach, JJ has been able to travel and see the world through a different perspective most people don’t get to experience.

His level of discipline and hunger to thrive comes from being a three time world champion performer for the WGI and DCI (Sport of the Arts) competitive circuit as a visual performer.

His gift as a resourceful creative mind helped him become an award winning choreographer and artistic director being recognized by the Hollywood industry with several awards such as: a life time achievement and choreographer of the year award from the Los Angeles Music Award show.

He has had a successful career and has been featured on some of the biggest stages, television shows, music videos, and festivals, inspiring millions of people around the world working with some of the biggest names in entertainment and in the music industry such as:
Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, Tony Braxton, Michael Jackson, Cirque Du Soleil, The Ellen Degeneres Show, Dancing With The Stars, American Billboard Awards, Miss USA and MTV just to name a few.

With year of experience as an entertainer, JJ has learned valuable lessons and techniques which he implements to help transform the lives of his clients guiding them to have the courage and confidence to take uncomfortable action to change their lives.

With a life time of entertainment techniques and life experiences, he has directed his focus into the personal development industry helping inspire thousands of people to step into their greatness and discover their purpose.

Helping people to better understand their inner dialogue to create a friendship with their own inner critic. Thanks to the effective tools and action plan that JJ implements with his clients, he has transformed the lives of thousands of people by helping them identify their purpose and enhancing the greatness that is within them to not just overcome the impostor syndrome but to change the conversation from turning their inner critic from their enemy into their ally.

His ability to guide his clients to release their fears in a practical and fun unique way give him an advantage in the coaching industry. JJ Villar lives a life of service and abundance with his motto “We are all imposters until we’re not.”

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