Meet the instructor

Joanna Tress

*Singer / Songwriter /
Actress / Musician
Co-Founder -
*Networking Event Co-Host Extraordinaire
*Co-Founder - Five Dimensional Performing Arts Experience

Joanna Tress is the co-founder of, a collective of performing artists aged 35 and up who want to add more happiness and satisfaction to their life through singing, dancing, acting, playing an instrument or expressing themselves creatively.
Her experience as a composer, lead vocalist, flutist, and community theater actress combined with her husband Matthew's experience as a dancer, assistant DJ and positive rapper creates a 35-year-long foundation that helps them to connect and bring out the best in all of their program participants.
The Mattanna Five-Dimensional Performing Arts Experience workshops that Matt and Joanna host feature a little something for everyone to get their artistic and creative juices flowing and serves as the perfect resumé builder.
Mattanna offers a safe, judgment-free space for people of all backgrounds and levels of experience to explore and refine their craft.
Individual Coaching, Group Exercises, Masterminds, and showcases are all part of the mix. 

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