Meet the instructor

John A. Hardy

John has held many roles in the business world over his esteemed career, has been a Director for various companies for over 15 years and he is also currently the Chair of a large not-for-profit.

He has been in the not-for-profit industry for quite some time and has held National Director, Remuneration Committee, Audit and Compliance Committee, and Investment Committee roles. John has been a Business Coach for over 11 years and is well respected within the industry.

He is currently party to the Australian Coaching Collective, a group of the most esteemed Business Coaches in Australia who share their collective course work and exercises to ensure their clients have access to the full scope of world-class Business Coaching materials.

John is involved in multiple facets of the Coaching world. He not only specialises in 1 on 1 coaching but group mentoring as well, and can make meaningful positive impact in large organisations.

 His services include Coaching for Business, Coaching for Executives. Coaching for Schools, Coaching for Churches, and Small Business Services, and are all tailored to the industries they serve.

When working with John you will gain focus, clarity, and accountability, all of which tackle the typical problems (The Three D’s) faced by leaders; drift, distraction, and discouragement.

After working with John you will gain the skills and confidence rediscover your purpose in the business world as well as increase profitability and productivity.

You can learn more about him and his work, here at The Essential Academy or through his social media links below.
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