Meet the Instructor

Katie Miller

Virtual and Webinar Event Producer
*Live Online Course Producer
Instructional Design
*Social Emotional Learning
Trainer and Facilitator

As the creator/founder of Online Course Solutions, Katie Miller had one purpose. . . to be the support behind the curtain to those who have messages that will positively change the world.  She clearly understands the value of education, and how online learning can impact the world!

She truly believes that if you have a message to get out into the world or a way to make the world a better place, you should be doing what you do best - spending time with your clients and spreading the word!

The last thing you want to do is spend time wrangling tech or trying to figure out what to do next - that's her specialty!

Katie Miller helps those who want to create a course or already have a course get it out into the world. This also includes workshops, webinars, small summits or live online classes.

It is about knowing your "why" that is important, not necessarily the "how". You know why you are passionate about your business. She can help with the 'how'!

You can learn more about Katie Miller and the work she does over at The Essential Academy from the courses she teaches her and from her social media links below.

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