Meet the instructor

Ken Course

*International Speaker
*Marketing Expert
Hi Level Trainer/Facilitator/Coach
*Expert to the Experts

I help speakers and experts create successful businesses based on what they know.

Do any of these sound like you?

-You've spent tons of time and effort trying to create your next product, program, service or event and it's STILL not launched (or making you money).

-You've noticed other experts who seem to have endless sources of leads and capital - and you know you can do it better.

-You're caught in the technology or systems trap - letting the HOW you'll get launched keep you from actually getting launched.

If so, I'm your guy.

I've spent my entire career in the expert industry, helping speakers, small businesses, coaches, and consultants get paid for their skills, knowledge, and experience.

A few things you should know about me:

-I train in plain English, so no marketing jargon or "guru code."

-I started in non-profit, so I started with no budget or fancy systems.

-I've worked with experts ranging from their first program to the 8-figure level to grow their businesses.

-I love karaoke and will join you any time that you want to sing or perform.

How We Can Work Together:

-Training or Presentations for your community, group, or company

-Mapping and developing your next product, program, or event

-Marketing Strategy and Consulting to improve your process, find more customers, and keep the ones you already have.

-One-on-One or Group Coaching

-Check out my community and programs at

I'm the founder of Explore Momentum and lead a community called "Your Momentum Now," which is completely built around helping you create results.

Check me out at or

Some places you may have seen me:

-Money 105.5 in Sacramento as the host of
"Find Your Momentum Radio"

-Author 101 University

-Magnetic Speaker Event

-Explore Momentum and Your Momentum Now

-Everywhere Online

-Small Business Training across the US, Canada, Australia, and UK.

-South Lake Tahoe, Sacramento, Lehi, Carson City, and now Boston Area.

To learn more about Ken's work:
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