Meet the instructor

Krystal Hille, BA, TLT

*Soul Leadership Mentor
International Best Selling Author
*Embodiment Coach
Founder: Hille House Publishing 
*Tantric Teacher

Krystal Hille is the Founder of Hille House Publishing, Soul Leadership Coach and international #1 bestselling author.

She is passionate about gathering change makers and conscious creatives who align with her mission to awaken and empower humanity into deeper sovereignty and connection.

She helps them to step into their zone of flow, claim the essence of their leadership and makes them into international bestselling authors so that their passion can ignite global change and enhance their authority and reach.

Since early 2021, Krystal has helped over 70 thought leaders become international bestselling authors and has attracted the likes of Dr. John Demartini into her latest book.

With 30 years in leadership, a background in theatre directing, ancient tantric practices and female empowerment, Krystal is a winner of the CREA Brainz Global Business Award 2021 and host of the Soul Leadership Podcast.

Aware of her multi-dimensional self, pre-Covid, Krystal facilitated spiritual retreats to Egypt and ran temple nights across Australia.

She holds a BA (hons) in English Literature & Theatre Studies, a diploma in Life Coaching, NLP and TimeLine Therapy and is a certified Master Healer and Tantra teacher.

She is a popular contributor to international festivals, summits and podcasts and has written two solo books and contributed to a further four anthologies.

Originally from Germany, Krystal lives with her two children in county Victoria, Australia.

You can find out more about her work her:
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