Meet the Instructor

Larry McInnes

Graphic Design & Animation Expert
Geographic Information System (GIS) &
Voice Recognition Specialist
Infidelity Confidant, Advisor & Course Creator

Larry McInnes has a diverse background in graphic design, animation, video editing, geographic information systems, and voice recognition systems.

But what brings Larry here is his new mission: to give tools and strategies to men caught in infidelity in order to shift them from a life of blame and mediocrity to a life of excellence. This mission is called Ex To Excellent.

It’s unclear how many married men have been involved in infidelities. Estimates of men in affairs range from 20 percent to 70 percent. Larry is one such man.

Larry was involved in an affair for over three years. It was three years of juggling two lives kept apart from each other. When his wife discovered the affair, Larry’s life hit bottom. After spending a month of nights using a friend’s sofa as his bed, he realized that he had to change the course of his life. That began his exploration of excellence that has continued for eight years.

As Larry sees it, men involved in infidelities are at a unique disadvantage. Infidelity is universally regarded as the worst thing a married partner can do to his spouse. After the discovery of the affair, men are often portrayed as the villain. At the same time, these men don’t know where to turn, or to whom to turn.

This is where Ex To Excellent comes in. Without excusing any indiscretions, Larry will examine with you what adultery is and what it isn’t. Then he will give you new and fresh insights and strategies as you explore four key areas of life: the Mental, the Emotional, the Physical, and the Spiritual. Mindful growth in these areas will lead you to a life of excellence, whatever that means to you.

Unfaithful men do not have to be defined by their infidelity. You can choose to be excellent.
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