Meet the instructor

Margorie Saulson, M.V.A.

Int'l Best-Selling Author

*Award Winning Speaking 

Motivational Coach

*Communications Specialist

If you give presentations to 1 or 1000 people and want to be more credible, confident, effective, and make a big impact on your audience, you are in the right place.

For over 40 years, Margorie has coached reluctant speakers and helped Corporate Executives, Entrepreneurs, Sales Executives, Coaches, Authors, Volunteer Leaders, Podcast Guests, and others, to speak without fear and to feel competent and comfortable in any setting.

Named both Top Speaking Coach of the Year and Top Motivational Speaker of the Decade, she's still going strong at 80 and intends to be the most fabulous 100-year-old babe you ever met!

In addition to her #1 International Best-Selling book, "Empowering Business Owners to Overcome Speaking Fears Whether You're Talking with 1 Person or 1,000", she's also one of 50 women (including Oprah Winfrey and Melinda Gates) who were contributing authors to the book "America’s Leading Ladies: Stories of Courage, Challenge, and Triumph"

When you partner with Margorie you get Individualized, Targeted and Effective Techniques, specifically designed to fit your communication needs and business goals.
What makes her methodology different is that she cover all 3 aspects of effective communication:

1. WHAT TO SAY – create your authentic and magnetizing messages

2. HOW TO SAY IT – powerful presentations skills, both in writing and speaking

3. ALLOW YOURSELF TO SAY IT – overcome speaking fears so you can speak with confidence and ease in any situation, anytime and anywhere

As a professionally trained speaker, singer and voice actor, Margorie Saulson's passion is helping people who are nervous about public speaking to bust out of the jail of their comfort zone and develop their own messages, acquire powerful presentation skills, and overcome their fears so they can attract the clients they want and create the business and lifestyle of their dreams.

Effective communication can make a huge difference in your life. Speaking with clarity, confidence, and conviction makes a tremendous impact on whatever you set out to do, and that is her goal for all of her clients!

You can find her courses, here at The Essential Academy. For more information about the other work Margorie does, please click on the links or her social media buttons below:
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