Meet the Instructor

Mark Layder, BA

*Creator: The BizConnectors
Business Strategist / Mentor
*Founder: QoLLYWOOD
Chief Entelechist / Founder at Quality of Life
*Creator: The Knowledge Industry
Distribution System
*Master Collaborator / Influencer
Confidence Coach

WHAT HE DOES : Mark Layder gets people & businesses connected to the resources they need and want, so they CAN create their DreamBiz ! 

HOW HE DOES IT: With quick diagnostics tools to help uncover hidden pathways to Profit-ability.
Then with Tailor made development plans.

WHERE YOU MAY HAVE SEEN HIM: Worked with Global Names like Ted Nicholas, Jim Rohn, EntrepreneursOnFire Book & many more.

Built US based HomeBizUniversity in Arkansas. 25+ years Media coverage in UK -Sunday Times, Mirror, Express amongst others

WHO HE WORKS WITH : Primarily CEO's /BizOwners who are determined to Play In A Bigger Game .

Also WinVironment Optimal Performance Programmes - often for Professional
Sports(soccer) teams

HIS BACKGROUND : Long Term CEO Coach. 1st biz hit $1.5 million in 1990.
2nd one- 150+person Consultancy network grew to $5 million in under 3 yrs.
Grown into a Global expert in Scaling Biz via Getting Business CONNECTED .

Also brought many new concepts to UK eg E-Myth Academy, Ted Nicholas 1st UK Events, Crestcom and others.

For more info about Mark Layder and his work: 

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