Master Stage Avatar

*You currently earn $20K-$50K+/mth
*You have 10-15K+ email list
*You have 5+ set PAID events you produce/speak at year
*You have multiple revenue streams attached to different systems
and teams through multiple funnels
*You have multiple systems and teammates in place to look for leads/new clients

What's Included:

  • Everything from the Expansion Stage PLUS:

  • Our Production Team will take client’s existing online events that are currently generating 4 digit in revenue, and CREATE / MARKET / PRODUCE them to become 5, 6, and even possibly 7 digit events
  • Unlimited Access to technical and customer support, 24/7
  • Full integration with client’s Teams and Systems for seamless transitions and ongoing event support
  • Full Access to all Internal Private Networking events
  • Full Access to all External Public Networking events
  • Full Access to the Repository of all past Workshops and Advanced Professor Trainings
  • Profile added to the Team Professors Page

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Pricing Upon Request

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