Meet the instructor

Michael Whitehouse, B.Sc. Econ

*Networking Concierge Guru
Public Speaker
*Creator: The Guy Who Knows A Guy
People Connectivity Specialist
*Life Coach / Mentor

I particularly work with entrepreneurs who are just getting started to help guide them to avoid pitfalls and seize opportunities.

Through personal coaching, live speaking, podcasting, and other content, I work with people on values, vision, and gratitude.

They gain clarity on values, a powerful future vision, while finding happiness in the life they live today.

Every day, I create a motivational message that I share by email and through podcast with my audience.

It's a quick hit of motivation, 2 to 5 minutes to get started in the day. Sign up at

I help great people become the best versions of themselves, even if they don't realize themselves that they are great yet.
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