Meet the instructor

Michelle Margaret Marques

*Life Design Consultant
Special Advisor to Philanthropists
Multiple times Author
*Change Makers Coach
Manifestor for Pioneers & Rebels

Michelle is an author, award winning leader, mindset consultant, thinking partner, and special advisor to clients who play a big game, and are serious about creating a huge impact in the world.

Her clients include leaders who are led by their integrity, vision and purpose.

Her bold, fierce approach to coaching supports the kind of clients who you may not believe would need to change their thinking.

Her personal big picture is to impact one billion women around the globe.

She plans to help end child marriage and ensure millions of girls are able to continue with their education.

Her companies’ transformative mission is starting schools with the primary focus on two things: Quality Education and Reduced Inequalities.

“We’re creating schools with a unique perspective to educate millions of girls.”

Michelle has written and self published two books, and is among the pioneers of Rich Litvin Transition excellence ICF certified coaches.

She is also a Mindvalley certified Holobody Coach, putting her methods ahead of the cutting edge in mindset and health practices.

Her coaching style has helped hundreds of people change their mindset and become the person they were born to be.

More about her work here:
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