Meet the instructor

Nancy Trieu

*Mindset Coach
Art director

Artist - Photographer - Filmmaker - Cinematographer / DOP -
 Art Director - Workshop Facilitator

Interdisciplinary visual artist, I work mainly with photography and film. I acquired skills fashion/ costume designs, jewellery design, styling and hair and make up, modelling/ acting which allows the attention to detail be shown in the projects that I do.

Avoided the creative arts due to my parent's wishes to focus on medicine, law or business. Life lead me back into the creative field which I have always deeply loved. It has not been a straight highway journey, there are many obstacles and hurdles that I and many of us go through to success.
Converting all my experiences into art allows me to express and connect with people through what I do and the works that I produce.

I became a photographer working in a photographic studio in my second year of university studying Bachelor of Design (Visual Communications) finished with Honours, where I fell in love with that medium and embraced the art in 2009.

Since then I have worked on being a freelancer published in international Magazines (Elegant Magazine Front cover and feature May 2018, Polo De9 Marco French Edition Art director for shoot: Front Cover and Feature 2015) and facilitate workshops and connected with my heritage and community.

My path merged with the film industry in 2018 where I am the creative producer of Phoenix Eye and emerging cinematographer/ DOP.
My interests is always learning about and growing myself and the world + learning new skills to master.

 My personal works usually reflect on the ideology of the Masculine and Feminine, Light vs. Dark and concepts of Inner Strength and Empowerment through mythology and history.
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