Big Challenges Need Great People.

Our vision is to make YOU
 more creative, happier and better prepared
for living and working at the highest levels
that you're capable of!

Our Instructors are all rigorously screened and vetted and all must personally be
Expert Practitioners!

They've been where you want to go, and can now
help you navigate to even more success!

Student Commitment 

In order for YOU to SUCCEED, we'll need your Attention, Interest, Trust, Intent and Active Engagement. 

Learning here is Different.  Learning here is Special.

Academy Support

We love learning, and we are very passionate about  teaching! 

Our hearts and minds are focused on bringing out your whole, best self - personally and professionally.


Daily, personal accountability is taking ownership of your results, every day

Our Community of Students helps you stay the course, as the tide raises all boats! 

- everyone is different, everyone is awesome - 

Advisory Board Members

Committed to the Cause that Education
our Advisory Board keeps the Best Interests of the entire Academy
in mind as they help shape and mold its future,
for both our Students and Instructors.

Their backgrounds encompass classical pedagogic structure and format, out-of-the-box thinking and
practical implementation, and the latest in digital marketing and social media extraction. 

Our Instructors bring their
Education, Experiences and Expertise
to create Courses with

Eyesun Seghati, M.A.P.


Policy Analysis &
*Research Specialist
*Interior Designer & 
*Colour Expert
*Cultural Exchange Faciliator

Bruce Baker, MSIO


Industrial Psychologist
*Behavioral Business
*Fortune 50 Consultant 
*Change Agent Extraordinaire

Join World-Calibre Healers, Coaches and Therapists

The Tide Raises ALL Boats!

None of Us is as Smart and Strong as ALL OF US!

Be Fully Supported and Globally Promoted!

Would you like to Come and work with us?

Would you like to Share your MAGIC with others?

As an Instructor, you have much to give.  We are all kindred spirits here.