Meet the instructor

Pan Vera

Pan In 2001 Pan discovered the most efficient process of all when he met Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg and
learned about Nonviolent Communication.

He spent over 400 hours being with Marshall during his visits to the Pacific Northwest and started training in 2004.

He has trained thousands to know and appreciate themselves and communicate compassionately with others.

He has strong connection with NVC trainers around the world.

He was born with very deep empathy abilities, the top 1% of empaths.

He can take you deeper and quicker.

He supports people finding their core needs and gifts so they can become their most authentic

Pan is a PSNCC Certified NVC Trainer.

He is trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Active Listening.

Pan also has 29+ years in Information Systems with companies including British Petroleum, Citibank,
Simmons, Associated Grocers, 
specializing in group ware and 15+ years in Sales Consulting in insurance,
real estate, and financial planning and investments, including three years with Merrill Lynch.

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