Meet the Instructor

Richard Morden

Transformational Coach
Cert & Accredited Tapping
EFT Practitioner
Multi-Discipline Healer

Richard Morden helps entrepreneurs who battle with Depression, Anxiety and Panic Attacks, to find Emotional Freedom, Peace and Balance.

Healers often have a personal journey that results as unique guidance in their therapy practice. Richard works with a solution-based approach to overcoming limiting beliefs. He guides recovery from deep-rooted issues where traditional therapies have failed, empowering clients to experience break through to move from a life of surviving to thriving!

Living disconnected from your potential is, unfortunately, not uncommon. But for some those thoughts and fears disrupt daily life. This is where guided and self-help techniques with EFT can restore your clarity and purpose.

Personal trauma can even hide in those protected vaults in our minds. We feel unsettled, angry, or consistently sabotage our own efforts but don’t know why. This can be transformed into key learnings to move us beyond our state of feeling stuck. Richard’s own vulnerability helps him provide a practice where safe progress is balanced with a tender approach to remove the barriers and heaviness that surround personal trauma.

Richard Morden understands the complicated emotions of a breakthrough; the first breath that comes with new life, as well as the tension to hold on to pieces of the past.

Connecting to the person, and not the unwanted behavior or thoughts, is how Richard guides the process. He helps clients walk through experiences looking at the hard facts surrounding their experiences while acknowledging the feelings attached.

It is the hope he found in despair that propels him to share his healing with compassion, sensitivity, and wisdom.
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