Meet the instructor

Robin O'Donovan, BA

*Life Purpose and Relationship Energy Coach
Author: The Seven Core Life Purposes
*Professional Singer-Songwriter
Transmuter of Pain Into Light Energy

Transmute Your Pain Into Your Power.

If you’re already doing good work in the world, excellent. Your number one relationship needs to be with yourself. If you’re not bringing ALL of your pain, shame, guilt, and fear out to the daylight to be transmuted into highly potent light energy, you’re not tapping into your vast potential to help people like you really want to, Robin is your expert.

A prolific piano singer-songwriter and storyteller with a Music Therapy degree and 20 years in the indie music industry, Robin offers more than your traditional courses and life purpose coaching.

She uses her arts to personally help you come home to Who you really are and live your purpose. She holds sacred space for you, guiding you to transmute your struggles and pain into light that uplifts yourself, your loved ones, and humanity.
Having been through many challenges as a singer-songwriter and single mom– divorced twice, facing eviction, theft, and heartbreak, Robin finally figured out that the real divorce, eviction, theft and heartbreak was her, denying herself her own soul’s desires. She then stepped fully into her purpose and her abundance, by transmuting all of that adversity into her light as your guide, helping you gain deep clarity on what your relationship is with the world and how to optimize it.

Start your journey with Robin for four weeks to Transmute Your Pain Into Your Power, and begin to awaken to the highest expression of Who you are, so you can serve your community from there.
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