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Suzanne Pool, MSc.

*Giving Women Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and C-Level Executives the Power to Rediscover Their Orgasm
*Deliver Massive Value as Leaders, and Exponentially Grow Their Businesses -- GUARANTEED!

SUZANNE POOL is an award-winning women’s sexual empowerment coach, author, broadcaster, and speaker who is driving a unique niche in the women’s leadership arena.

Her life’s work is predicated on the notion that sexual satisfaction leads to greater energy in producing revenue, more effective leadership, and a heightened sense of accomplishment and fulfilment.

By chronicling her personal transition from a barren, celibate, career-obsessed existence to an abundant, purposeful life, Suzanne inspires her clients to take back their power and dominate their spaces from the bedroom to the boardroom and beyond.

After a diverse corporate career, in which she handled business and legal affairs for organizations across a broad spectrum of industries, Suzanne followed her passion and moved into professional coaching.

Her transition paralleled a period of coping with personal adversity and loss and dovetailed a trip to South Africa with a mentor with whom she shared an interest in domination and submission.

She became finely attuned to the pain of successful women who were dealing with imbalances in their sex lives and paralyzed by fear. She gravitated toward personal development, quickly became certified in several key therapies, and never looked back.

Suzanne explores the intricate connection between body image, sexuality, the myth of work/life balance, and financial freedom at multiple levels.

Her approach to success and leadership development is original and exemplary and is geared toward inspiring women to manifest the best version of themselves, bridge gaps, and embrace their breakthroughs.

Through a combination of hypnosis, NLP exercises, conversational coaching, and yoga techniques, she brings women to a place of self-awakening and self-discovery, enabling them to authentically speak their truth, attract abundance, and build deep, meaningful relationships in all areas of their lives.

Authenticity | Integrity | Vulnerability | Generosity | Resilience | Accountability

Suzanne is interested in connecting with professional women at all points on their leadership journey as well with male corporate officers who are intent on developing confident internal women leaders.

She would also like to meet directors of women’s associations and event/meeting professionals for speaking opportunities as well as podcast hosts whose audiences are comprised of women entrepreneurs and business owners.

Suzanne Pool is a self-styled Women’s Empowerment Coach and Business Consultant helping women in their 40s, 50s, and beyond have the most mind-blowing intimate experiences and enjoyment of their lives, AND putting more money on their bottom line and in their bank accounts!

 Professional Business women that are frustrated in the boardroom and unfulfilled in the bedroom hire Suzanne and her team to take them to toe-curling orgasms and exponential business revenue growth.

Having broken through a barren, celibate, career-dominated life in her 30s to a life of fulfillment, adventure, and serious fun in her 40s, Suzanne shows her clients it is possible to grab life by the horns and live a daring adventure - no matter their age or place in the world!

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